Mike Bucks, one of the best designer/developers I know (and all around good guy) doesn’t believe in SEO. Well, I suppose Mike Bucks believes in SEO, but rather Mr. Mike Bucks doesn’t think that reputation management actually exists and likewise that it isn’t important. He believes this because Mike Bucks thinks it’s impossible to rank for “Mike Bucks” above his Facebook or linked in page.

At a BBQ I had with Mike Bucks yesterday I told him, with very little effort, I could write a post and rank it for his name, Mike Bucks, rather quickly.

So to you Mike Bucks, lets see where this ranks. – Check out some of Mike Bucks work at MikeBucks.com

One Response to “Mike Bucks – And Evil SEO”

  1. Mike Bucks says:

    You evil so and so.

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