Google Free Porn So this isn’t what I was going to write about today.  I was going to write a piece on “Social Media Karma and how down voting your friends that you ask to vote you up is a bad idea” so as I do, I go out to find a fun image to edit slightly and then throw up as my little teaser image.  I get on Google and search images for the word “karma” at least 4 of the images that showed up on the first page were porn.  Not just classy stuff either – I’m talking hard core porn.

Where the hell was this when I was 14.  Finding free porn on the internet was a difficult thing… now all you have to do is type in any word on the Google and blam… Plenty of high quality free porn.  There is no “are you 18″ buttons to click, no credit card info to give away…  This has got to be illegal… Right?  Or since there is the preferences section… it isn’t?

On one hand it’s great – Freedom of search of something – things not being censored… On the other hand THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Maybe there is a way to lock this on your computer… I’m not seeing one.  All a horny teenager has to do is sign up for gmail… sign in… go back to search and he has his own preferences to set.  Good times.  I hear there are some 3rd party things out there that can lock it… but what average parent/gardian is going to know about these, or know even what to search for?

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6 Responses to “Google Images – Think of the Children”

  1. spostareduro says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I thought I had somehow set the preferences to show that garbage, but when I went in to check it out, I am supposed to be showing the same filtered stuff as always..Google’s screwing up for sure.

  2. inkodeR says:

    Came across something very similar when searching for a SEO dude in New Zealand.


  3. Jomith says:

    Hmm, I don’t have the ability to reproduce your claim.

    Maybe you’re logged in and G just shows you personalized sers. ;)

  4. Chris says:

    There’s a safe search filter that keeps most of the porn out of my search results…

  5. Mandi says:

    Right under the search field in Google Images, there is a little link that says what your search filter status is. It reads something like “Moderate safe search is on.” If you want to change the setting, click the link. You will be taken to – where you can set your preferences for images searches – they give you the following options:

    SafeSearch Filtering

    Google’s SafeSearch blocks web pages containing explicit sexual content from appearing in search results.
    Use strict filtering (Filter both explicit text and explicit images)
    Use moderate filtering (Filter explicit images only – default behavior)
    Do not filter my search results.

    Any RESPONSIBLE parent who is “Thinking of the children” will have restrictions on their computer already set before they release their children to run free on the internet. If people aren’t willing to find out how to protect their children on the internet, they should either toss the computer, or stop complaining. There are also numerous software programs you can purchase that will prevent your children from seeing certain subjects.

  6. blastman says:

    well i like da porn, but now my google search has gotten on moderate filtering, and i can’t get it back to no filtering can anyone help

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