As I said in yesterdays post I am trying my hand at affiliate marketing by following the steps laid out by ViperChill.

The first step in his process is to write down what you are interested in. This was an easy enough step and I came up with the following list: Camping, Dancing, Dogs, Music, Guitars, BBQ, Beards and several others. But these were the ones that I wrote down first.

Step 2 is to see if there is a market for any of these things and, all but beards, has a lot of search. Great, now all we need to do is find a product.

As it turned out the first product that came to mind was a product that I was actually playing with while coming up with this list AND it related to camping – My pocket knife.

Next it was time to see if my particular brand of pocket knife was something people searched for – I bought it back in ’06 and it has been in my pocket every day since then, it’s not a multitool, but it has come in handy just about every day (even if I just use it to open letters and boxes).

Sure enough for the exact name/brand there are 22,000 searches a month – Checking to see the competition for my primary keyword I found that only about 150,000 pages even rank… Really not to many. Great. The clincher was that one of the secondary keywords (only the make of the knife) has 40,000 searches a month but only about 35,000 listings – Woah, this should be pretty easy to rank for (from my experience with SEO anything under 50,000 is doable with not too much work).

The next step was to find if there was a good affiliate program – turns out there are many (picking the right one is going to be the hard part)

So now I have a product that I really love and an exact match URL. Now it’s just time to make the site and try and rank for my words. Hopefully I can make and get the site up today.

Now, I’m probably not starting as small as laid out in Glen’s plan – but I do have a lot more experience with SEO and getting pages ranked than someone totally new to the game. So wish me luck!

4 Responses to “First Affiliate Marketing – Day 1”

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  2. Glen Allsopp says:

    About time, Dave ;)

    With your SEO + development skills I’m sure you can do really well with this.

    Good luck!

  3. Wingnut says:

    Thanks for the encouragement and the inspiration!

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