My first affiliate site is doing pretty well – and needs a lot more link building but it is currently sitting at #7 for the main keywords, and is getting about 30 unique hits a day with 1/3 of them clicking through to the affiliate buy site. I have gotten in contact with one of my affiliate managers and they are creating a flash search bar so my visitors can find the exact product on their site, from mine in one step – This should up sales a lot!

Last night I built out my second affiliate site – I came up with the product from something my wife buys online all the time. This time around I made the site with wordpress and it just made my life soooooo much more simple. I wish I had done that with my first site – But I am glad I have now tried it the old plain HTML way.

You can check out this site about Neostrata Cream and Products with that link there. This one had WAAAAY more competition than my first site – 4million results for a search of the product name – The product is facial care and the URL is a search phrase that gets 40k searches a month. We will see how it goes, but it looks promising – The site has been crawled once and at the time of this writing was ranking #8 on with a search of the main keywords/url

It probably wont stay there – but it is a good sign that my keyword density/content is focused to rank for that keyword.

Anyway, wish me luck :)

If any of you guys are working on some affiliate sites I’d love to hear about your experiences/tactics so hit up the comment section!

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  1. life says:

    good luck to you

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