Here we are on day 15 since I put up my first affiliate site – Today is a good day. Today I have reached page one of Google search for my main keyword. And to top everything off – Today we got our first sale!!!

That’s right 15 days after buying a brand new domain and building a 4 page site – and we’re ranking in the top 10 for a keyword that gets 30k searches a month and has 150k sites that are listed for the term.

The sale netted me about $5 – one more sale and the domain is paid for for the year – and since the hosting is all on the same plan for this site, and many others of mine – So in about 2 more sales the site will have paid its share of the yearly hosting.

I’m going to stick with this site and keep trying to get it ranked higher on page 1. That will surely bring in more traffic/sales – Right now I’m pretty low on the page in spot 10. Sure it’s the last spot on page 1 – but it’s still page 1 – and organic traffic to my site has doubled already today than it was yesterday when I was still ranking on page 2. And the day is only half over :)

2 Responses to “First Affiliate Marketing – Day 15”

  1. Tony Grogan says:

    Hey Dave,

    Just wondering how your affilate marketing test was going. I have followed the story since the first post. Been waiting anxiously on an update. Still persuing? or have you given up? I am hoping to follow the same path, from Glen over at, I just haven’t found the right product/niche yet.

  2. Wingnut says:

    Tony, They are going great – Well maybe not great, but pretty good. The first site I made is ranking #2 for it’s main keyword and ranks pretty good for a lot of “review” long tail searches – I’m seeing 30-50 unique hits a day from organic traffic – With slightly over half of them clicking through… Sadly not a lot of conversion.

    I have been in contact with my best performing affiliate link trying to get a working search bar – but despite promises from them – nothing yet. I’ll give it another week before finding a better affiliate who is more willing to work with me.

    I have not had a lot of time lately to post on this site thanks to a surge in new clients for – If anything phenomenal happens with either of my 2 affiliate sites I’ll update – They each are trickling in about 2-3 sales a month but that’s really not so bad – If I had 100 of these sites with 2-3 sales a month….

    Thanks for reading :)

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