Lijit LogoI recently found this nifty widget that you now see up in the right corner called “Wijit” or “Lijit Search.” So far, I’m impressed.

It syncs up with all of your social networking profiles and allows people to search for anything and get results from not only your site, but from all the sites in your network of friends.

How cool is that? It lets you search for whatever you want and it gives back results you can trust because you are searching from a blog you trust… it’s basically like asking your favorite blogger what they would recommend… about anything.

I’m letting you all know about it because I want more people to get it… Think how awesome it would be if every blog that you read had this? This is taking social media to the next level because it brings all of the social sites together and allows you to search your friends network for great posts on any topic you want.

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6 Responses to “2 Lijit to Quit – Taking Social Media to the Next Level”

  1. Sebastian says:

    I had this widget on my old blog, it’s really neat. I need to look at my old to-do list from the move every now and then …

    PS you’ve got the longest captcha with pussy on it ;)

  2. Wingnut says:

    That’s what she said.

  3. SexySEO says:

    Thanks Dave! Good find.

  4. Utah SEO Pro says:

    Lijit’s stat update emails are great too when you sign up.

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