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Web Design and The Essential Component of SEO

A problem that many individuals have that are trying to create a website is that they are lacking certain skills, and different types of software, that can make this job. Your goal is to always present your products in the most professional way possible, but if you don’t know how to structure your website, or you do not have the latest software in order to accomplish this, it can make this type of project very difficult to do. Many people will turn to professionals that are highly skilled at web design, allowing them to get their project completed in a matter of days. Of course, this will require a substantial amount of capital depending upon the scope of the project that you are envisioning, but the end result will be saving time on your end, and also getting exactly what you want without having to face a significant learning curve. The following tips will help you understand how you can use technology to your advantage in regard to improving upon your current website, as well as how to find those that specialize in web design in your area.

The Basic Structure Of The Website

The design of your website always begins from a very simple premise. There is going to be the main page. On that page will be links going to categories of the products that you are selling. If you are selling multiple products, there should be a shopping cart where people can add the products and then proceed to make the purchase. On the other hand, if you are strictly selling one product, you will want to configure your website to represent that one product in the most beneficial way. This could be a sales page, one that is designed with professional graphics related to the product, as well as graphics throughout the page, and the footer graphic that will complete the overall design. Once you understand what it is you intend to do with your website, there are a few options available to individuals, using the technology of the day, to create this on your own.

WordPress And HTML Sites

For those that would like to take the easiest route, allowing them to create the entire structure of their website in a matter of minutes, WordPress is definitely the way to go. This is a blogging platform, one that is freely available, and with most web hosts, there is a software program in cPanel that will allow you to create your site in under five minutes. Of course, you will then have to add your theme of preference which will be the general appearance of your website. This will allow you to add graphics, change the overall structure of the website, with a couple clicks of the mouse. This is what people tend to do today because of the simplicity, something that is much easier than creating something out of HTML. This requires knowledge of that particular type of programming, and even with a WYSIWYG editor, the amount of time that you will have to spend organizing every aspect of your website, unless you have prior experience in this area, will have you running back to WordPress every time. These two different types of software make it very easy for a person that has no programming experience to create websites relatively easily. However, the end product may not be exactly what you are looking for which will cause you to look for professional help.

Website Design Experts Near You

These are professionals that have quite a bit of training in regard to how to build websites of virtually any type. For example if you go to the Timmermann Group they will have very expensive pieces of software, those that are designed to not only help structure websites, but also create phenomenal graphics as well. It’s not just having the software that allows you to create a professional and product, but the skill to understand what looks good, and also how to operate the programs with ease. This is why these companies charge a large sum of money for their services because they are in an area where there are few people with their level of expertise, or that have the expensive software programs that they utilize. You can find these professionals by simply searching on the web, and locating their websites online. You can look at portfolios of what they have accomplished, the type of websites that they have created in the past, giving you a general idea of what they are capable of, and if you like their style of website building. Also look at the cost of the projects, making sure that they are within your budget. Remember, this is going to save you time, and with a simple text or email, you can get them to change things that come to your imagination, and they can make it happen using their software and expertise. It is only because of how quickly technology is advancing that these businesses are able to create some of the most phenomenal websites that you see online. You can take advantage of their skills, and the software at their disposal, to help create the best possible website for the products that you would like to sell in order to generate an income online.

Final Considerations

A couple other things that you might want to think about in regard to design your website is to make sure that, once they are done, it is SEO optimized. You want to be able to not only impress those that visit your website, causing them to purchase what you are selling, but also get found on the Internet which has to do with search engine optimization. By structuring your website properly, or even helping you to add unique laser targeted content that is focused upon attracting search engine spiders and customers to the products that you are selling on your site, you should only use a company that also understands the benefit of optimizing a website so that it is appealing to the search engines bots that will inevitably be responsible for your positioning on the World Wide Web.

This is a lot to consider and think about, but it is all necessary in order to be successful on the web. As long as you know that you have chosen an appropriate product to market, or you have created a product that is in high demand, all that is missing is proper web design and proper optimization of your site. Once these factors are accounted for, something that can be easily done using professionals in your area, you can start to build more websites every single week, ramping up the profits that you will make on a regular basis, all because you have found the best software to use in regard to optimizing your site and using the best web design to attract and convert potential customers.

Every Web Designer Needs to Understand SEO

Most of the time when people are looking at getting their websites designed, they will not even think about how the search engines will view their website. However, for a professional web designer, they will want to make sure they not only know about search engine optimization, but are able to convey this information to their clients. Then people will find they are going to be able to keep their customers happier than what they imagined, but also help their customers to rank their website in the search engines, which is the key think that all owners of a website want to have. That’s exactly what the kansas city website design company made clear to me.

Google is the boss when it comes to the search engines. While people may think they are going to be able to launch a website and still survive without using Google, they need to realize this is not possible in most cases. The reason this is not possible is people are going to use Google quite a bit to find information, in fact Google gets the lion share of the searches. So people need to make sure they are abiding by the guidelines for Google on the website design aspect. Then people will see that it will be easier for them to get their website to rank in the search engines and be found by the search engines.

Typically the guidelines are very basic and easy to follow. However, their are quite a few that are going to impact the designer and the SEO factors the designer is going to contribute to the website. For example, one of the big things Google has in the guidelines that will impact the designer is to make sure they are using the descriptive text for images in the alt file tag. However, the search engine will also want to have text links included as much as possible, which makes it easier for the search engines to know what is being talked about on the website.

Robots are the items that the search engines are going to use to crawl the websites on the Internet. This is a file that is set up by the designer and this is going to allow people to have the right crawling for the search engines to find the website and the information that is on it. Something else that people are going to notice is the robots files are going to allow people to know more about the files or pages that cannot be displayed in the search results.

As a fun side note, people need to realize some of the scripts they have installed in the website are going to prevent certain items from being crawled. Some of the lines of script that people will find as a preventative measure for getting the website indexed properly is going to be the AJAX, Flash, and even some of the Javascript programs. These are going to make it harder for the search engines robots to crawl the website, but also can prevent certain elements of the website from being indexed.

Structure is important for people to think about when they are designing a website. The structure needs to be considered because it will help the search engines see how the website is going to flow, but also get to have the right feel for how the website is supposed to move. For example, if people have a large website that is covering multiple topics, they will want to set up a separate page for each topic, instead of trying to get all the information on a single page.


A lot of talk has happened about the silo structure for the websites that people are using now. However, what people need to realize is this is based off of the structure that people are using for the website. This structure is the type where people will start off with a larger main topic and then go to a lower level, then to another lower level, until it reaches a bottom layer, which will then redirect the visitor back up to the top level of the website.

Designers often do not like to trust the data that is coming at them, but they need to realize they need to trust the information they are being given. This information will let the designer know about what the search engines are looking for, but also give them information on what to look at as well. The issue that a lot of designers have is they are not going to want to trust the data and this could easily lead to the designer that is not going to give people the best results.

Even with the best design work, people will find they can be ignoring the data that can make it easier for people to rank in the search engines. So people need to make sure they are going to have a designer that is going to look over the data that is being presented to them. This data is often going to come from the analytics that people have installed on the website. This information is going to be what shows people more about the things the search engine is finding good with the website, versus the information that is bad with the website as the search engines see it. Sometimes even weird things may help you rank, like Who4Design Pinterest‘s page, helping them rank.

Launching a new website can be exciting, but for some people they think they can do all their own design work. This is a mistake that people will encounter because the design of a website is quite a bit more difficult than what people think. To overcome the SEO challenges of launching a new website, people need to know about what every designer needs to know about SEO. Once people know about this, it will be easy for them to consider the different aspects to include in the web design project they are doing. Without this information, people may end up with a website the search engines will never like.

Web Design and SEO Are Almost Inseperable

In today’s high-tech world, having an attractive, functional website is an essential part of running a successful business. Most modern consumers start their search for local businesses online. If your company doesn’t have a website, you are missing out on an opportunity to connect with a huge number of potential customers. Companies like, a charleston web design company, will help you stop missing out!

A good web design company can help you build a website that not only informs your customers, but doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance. Here are some tips for choosing the right Charleston web design company for your business:

Ask For Recommendations


One of the best ways to find a qualified web designer for your site is to use your connections within the business community. Ask friends and colleagues in related fields if they know of any good designers. Spend some time looking at the websites of local businesses. If one catches your eye, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask the business owner who built their site. As long as they are not a direct competitor, they should be more than happy to refer you to their designer.

Read Online Reviews

Another good way to find a qualified company to build your website is by reading online reviews of local web designers. Stick with independent review sites that allow customers to post their own reviews. Just remember to take the reviews that you read with a grain of salt. Don’t let one or two bad reviews prevent you from working with a company. Remember, sometimes the client is more to blame than the service provider when things don’t go according to plan. Instead, look for a pattern of generally positive or generally negative reviews over time to get a more accurate picture of what each company is really like to work with.

Call Around For Quotes

While cost shouldn’t be the only driving factor behind which company you choose, it should at least weigh into your decision. Call around to several different design firms in the Charleston area to get a quote for how much it would cost to build your site. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in each quote. That way you can be sure you are comparing the same types of services between companies.

Ask How Long It Will Take To Build Your Site

Some of the most popular web design companies are so busy that they may not be able to get to your site right away. Ask each company you call how quickly they can get started on your site, and how soon they could have it completed. In general, the sooner you can get your site active and online the better. Try to avoid companies that have extremely long lead times.

Choose A Company That Is A Good Fit

If you run a creative business that caters to small children, a company that specializes in corporate web design may not be the best choice. Likewise, if you own a financial management firm, you may want to skip design firms that focus primarily on colorful, graphics-driven sites.

Spend some time browsing the portfolios of design firms in the Charleston area. Pay attention to the overall style each company uses for their sites. Choose a company with a style that fits well with your type of business. This will help ensure that your site accurately reflects your brand and business ideals.

These simple tips will help you find the best Charleston Web Design company for your business. By reading reviews, asking for recommendations, and considering factors such as price, lead time and style, you can find a web design firm that is a good match for your business.

Why SEO is the New Marketing Technology?

SEO is a crucial part of today’s online marketing as search engines continue to optimize their algorithms to keep their results page fresh and free of scams. The creation of SEO was to being working with the algorithms to ensure your website, blog, or e-store rank higher on the search results page. While algorithms have changed greatly over the years, SEO use has only improved through the use of keywords and content construction which helps to move your site higher in the search ranks.

How to Use SEO to Your Advantage?

When marketing a product or service, the use of keywords in several places is one form of SEO. These keywords are used in your content as well as your URL and links to help gain the attention of the search engine. An example would be putting “Atlanta SEO services” as a keyword to rank for Atlanta SEO. You can also increase your result rank through the use of Google Authorship which will rise and fall with your refreshment, quality, and quantity of your content. The use of keywords is the most important part of SEO and is very common practice in today’s marketing technology and strategies.

Proper Content

The use of the proper content for you site is another key part of SEO. If you are cosmetics business, you don’t want to be putting content on your site about bunnies and their feeding habits. This just doesn’t make sense. So keep your content about your website, write articles about the cosmetics you sell and use keywords such as vibrant lipsticks, colorful eye shadows, etc. to help you gain more recognition from search engines like Google.

The Basics

The basics of SEO are the use of keywords, research on keywords, content, quality and quantity of information and products, as well as exposure to raise traffic levels to your site. This works for all industries, from entertainment to retail and wholesale. The proper use of a SEO strategy will not only place you hire in the results of search engines but also help you gain more traffic to your site. Your ultimate goal is to end up on the first page of a search engines results as most people generally don’t travel past the first page often and rarely go past the second page of results before they revamp their search criteria. So you will need to try to make your SEO better than that of the first result on the page or at least better than that of the last result on the first page to gain the amount of traffic you desire.


Finding Help

Some people can manage to handle the SEO work for their own websites, however others do find it difficult as it can take a lot of work to create the best strategy and then integrate it into their website. You can easily find help through SEO consultant firms who can provide you with ideas, information, and services. These firms are an excellent way to get the help you need from an SEO professional expert and increase your chances of ending up on the first page of results. However you will want to thoroughly research each SEO company as well as interview them to see if they are a good fit for your business and possess the knowledge that it takes to understand your website and industry of choice. I use a Chicago SEO agency that has worked with me for years and it took me awhile to find them. You have to really vet your decisions.


Since SEO has become the newest marketing form of today’s technical age, it cannot just be ignored or put off until a later date. You should consider using SEO on your website to take better advantage of the online market as well as the constant use of technology in today’s day and age. If you choose not to use SEO for your website, you are only hindering your ability to properly market your products and services causing you to actually lose money in the long run. Using SEO doesn’t only bring in more customers through search engine traffic, it also allows you to make more money by putting your business out there in a unique way that will only cause you to benefit from today’s market. This marketing technique is only going to flourish from here and as it becomes more integrated into the internet and other websites, the last thing you want to do is fall behind.

Building a Website on a Budget (Part 2)

Having a poorly designed website cannot only hurt online sales, but offline ones as well. If a website is purely for marketing purposes, a shoddy design can destroy a business. However, it is incredibly easy to design a website on a budget; it may not be as simple as developing a website with an unlimited budget, but it can be done by using one of the many free or inexpensive website builders, hiring a professional and learning how to edit it, and using social media.

Use a free or inexpensive website builder

The website is awash in a variety of different services for building your own website. The majority of these charge a small monthly fee for hosting as well as designer tools, widgets, and add-ons. There are some totally free creators, but these do not have the capabilities or level of support that the others offer. In addition, some for-pay sites offer free packages or trial offers. Most DIY site builders are specifically designed to be easy for amateurs to use. There is generally no coding involved, instead employing a drag-and-drop method. These builders are called WYSIWYG, which stands for “what you see is what you get.” If this is a route in which one is interested, popular WYSIWYG editors include Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Google Sites, and Weebly, though there many more available. Remember though, you will need hosting, I recommend Hostgator. You can get promo codes for Hostgator. If you need some, you can go to Chucks Ducks 2 Hostgator coupons.


Hire a professional, but learn how to edit

Professional web designers, either working alone or as part of a company, can charge anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousands. It depends not only on the company, but the size of the website, the special features needed, the quality of the graphics, the amount of SEO, and whether or not the designer writes content for the site, though there may be other factors. Obviously, the key to sticking to a budget is hiring an affordable designer, but in order to really keep costs down, it is advisable to learn how to edit the site after it is completed, as many, if not most, designers will charge for changes made to the site. It is also smart to be sure of any special features needed or that will be needed in the future during the initial design, as designers will definitely charge extra for adding these components at a later date.

Social Media

In the virtual marketplace, social media is a business’s best friend. Building an engaging, complete, and informative Facebook page is a great first step for any small business or start-up, even before a formal website is created. It gives a business a platform on which to start building their brand and reputation. Virtual word-of-mouth advertising via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and the ability to engage with customers is invaluable to fledgling and local businesses. Updating frequently with interesting content and running promotional material not only serves as advertising but also presents a positive public face to consumers and piques their interest about the brand and turns visitors into new customers.

Building a Website on a Budget (Part 1)

If you are a business person thinking about starting up your business, then you will need a great website. The first thing that people who are looking to buy will do is look for a person’s website on social media. There are many great companies out there who offer domain hosting at a great price. One of the best companies out there who offer great discounted pricing and coupons, for even more savings is Host Gator. With a Host Gator coupon save a lot of money! It is a leading provider of website hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers with over 9 million websites hosted and counting.

About Host Gator

Host Gator offers website hosting with a starting price of a little less than 4 dollars per month. Their packages include: unlimited disk space, band width and email, free site building tools and 4500 website templates, free shopping cart software, free forums, photo galleries, membership scripts, 24 hour 7 days per week technical support and a 45 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your domain hosting. Host Gator is an award winning hosting site and one of the 10 largest web hosting sites in the world. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Get an Idea about Your Products and Services

Now that you have found Host Gator, who will offer a high quality hosting for your website, now you need to think about ideas surrounding your new company. What kinds of products and/or services will you offer? Do you want a bold website with color and brash text or a more subtle website that speaks softly about what the company is about? What industry would you place this company into? What are the goals and mission of your company? What template will you use at Host Gator? And what text will you use to bring about a beautiful website that will keep customers returning to your website again? Write your ideas in summary on a piece of paper first and organize your website there, before beginning to choose templates. After getting a vision for how you want your website to look, then begin looking at all of the amazing templates that Host Gator has to offer. After you find your template, then begin adding text as you would like it to be. And if you have any technical issues, as always the technical team of HostGator is there to help you.

The Cheapest but Most High Quality Website Ever

By using Host Gator, who will help you build a beautiful and high quality website and host it as well, along with the templates that make it much easier and the cheapest pricing ever, you are now on your way to building the cheapest, most high quality website ever. Remember that customers should be able to view your website and know what kind of products and services you are offering at first glance. Also, make sure that your website is not jumbled with words that don’t mean anything. Be concise and straightforward when describing your products and services. And make sure that the customer has a good understanding of the pricing, the high quality product and/or services that you offer, your experience in the area and that you have a great customer service team to help out when needed. Also, talk about any discounts or coupons that you offer to your customers to keep them coming back to your website for more. By getting Host Gator you can relax in knowing that you have not broken the bank with trying to pay a company for hosting your website. You can also rest easy in the fact that the Host Gator team is a professional at what they do and are simply the best.

As always, remember to do your research into how to build the cheapest website. By using templates, the task of building a website is made easier without breaking the budget. Also, keep in mind that essentially by using HostGator coupons and its pricing that you are getting the absolute best team of website hosts around, while getting the best website around.

The Host Gator team allows you to express your vision through over 4500 website templates to choose from, with a 24 hour 7 day per week technical team should your website have any issues. What more could you ask for? A great website build, great pricing and a technical team to assist with any issues that may arise for your customers. Now that’s a bang for your buck! A cheap but high quality website from Host Gator is what they offer.

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