Wingnut on July 6th, 2012

Hey all – been away for a long time – Built a company from the ground up – sold the company – didn’t do anything for 2 years – now hanging out and working as an SEO for fun.

Life is good – my affiliate sites have been killing it – Viperchill… thank you.


Wingnut on January 30th, 2011

I sold the knife site for $$$$ Pretty good deal – 10 month hold for a return of lots of monies… The way I sold it, I think I just got lucky.

I posted the site on a few “domain reseller forums” and three months later had made a very profitable deal. Of course this wouldn’t have happened had I not outranked the knife seller who bought it… But I did it just as ViperChill laid out – 4 page static HTML site… I’m getting a lot of good/better? results with wordpress sites though

So that’s cool

Started a new affiliate site today… have a few more in the works.

Sorry for the lack of SEO updates…

Check out the newest try about the new HTC Thunderbolt

Wingnut on August 9th, 2010

Mike Bucks, one of the best designer/developers I know (and all around good guy) doesn’t believe in SEO. Well, I suppose Mike Bucks believes in SEO, but rather Mr. Mike Bucks doesn’t think that reputation management actually exists and likewise that it isn’t important. He believes this because Mike Bucks thinks it’s impossible to rank for “Mike Bucks” above his Facebook or linked in page.

At a BBQ I had with Mike Bucks yesterday I told him, with very little effort, I could write a post and rank it for his name, Mike Bucks, rather quickly.

So to you Mike Bucks, lets see where this ranks. – Check out some of Mike Bucks work at

Wingnut on April 1st, 2010

My first affiliate site is doing pretty well – and needs a lot more link building but it is currently sitting at #7 for the main keywords, and is getting about 30 unique hits a day with 1/3 of them clicking through to the affiliate buy site. I have gotten in contact with one of my affiliate managers and they are creating a flash search bar so my visitors can find the exact product on their site, from mine in one step – This should up sales a lot!

Last night I built out my second affiliate site – I came up with the product from something my wife buys online all the time. This time around I made the site with wordpress and it just made my life soooooo much more simple. I wish I had done that with my first site – But I am glad I have now tried it the old plain HTML way.

You can check out this site about Neostrata Cream and Products with that link there. This one had WAAAAY more competition than my first site – 4million results for a search of the product name – The product is facial care and the URL is a search phrase that gets 40k searches a month. We will see how it goes, but it looks promising – The site has been crawled once and at the time of this writing was ranking #8 on with a search of the main keywords/url

It probably wont stay there – but it is a good sign that my keyword density/content is focused to rank for that keyword.

Anyway, wish me luck :)

If any of you guys are working on some affiliate sites I’d love to hear about your experiences/tactics so hit up the comment section!

Wingnut on March 24th, 2010

Here we are on day 15 since I put up my first affiliate site – Today is a good day. Today I have reached page one of Google search for my main keyword. And to top everything off – Today we got our first sale!!!

That’s right 15 days after buying a brand new domain and building a 4 page site – and we’re ranking in the top 10 for a keyword that gets 30k searches a month and has 150k sites that are listed for the term.

The sale netted me about $5 – one more sale and the domain is paid for for the year – and since the hosting is all on the same plan for this site, and many others of mine – So in about 2 more sales the site will have paid its share of the yearly hosting.

I’m going to stick with this site and keep trying to get it ranked higher on page 1. That will surely bring in more traffic/sales – Right now I’m pretty low on the page in spot 10. Sure it’s the last spot on page 1 – but it’s still page 1 – and organic traffic to my site has doubled already today than it was yesterday when I was still ranking on page 2. And the day is only half over :)

Wingnut on March 18th, 2010

I recently had a question asked by a client about auto-posting blogs and what they were exactly. When a client asks me a question, even one that I think is obvious, it reminds me how little the average person knows about the internets. So I thought I’d try and explain here.

Auto posting blogs are basically automated setups. There are countless plugins and programs that will do this kind of thing for you – no matter what format you use – wordpress, blogger, drupal, or even regular old html sites. What they will do is post content at specific times, or random times – that may end up ranking for search terms and bring in traffic.

There are a few places these kinds of automatic blogs pull articles from – the most popular being PLR (private label rights) articles or just searching the internet and stealing content and posting it to their site. PLR’s can be found online either free or for sale (usually a couple bucks will buy you 100k+ different articles) – and automated searching is either from RSS feeds or just regular old search engines – these will scour for the keyword you want and find everything it can (there is even a blackhat method of building entire sites like this and then showing search engines a heavy content page while showing real users something entirely different.)

The goal for these setups is to make money… as is the goal for probably 90% of the sites out there – but there are a couple main ways these sites work – Ads (from an ad network like Google adsense) or affiliate links.

The idea is to put as much content as you can – even if it’s just stolen – and hope you rank for some searches. Generally these types of automated sites don’t rank very well but if you can get enough traffic to make just 1$ a day in ads… then you have 300 of these types of sites… you can bring in a pretty penny – and best of all it is all automated.

Day’s 4 and 5 since I put the site up have been exciting – We’re seeing the first traces of Organic traffic! Wow – Ranking for words in 5 days.

Only about 15 people have found me through search – but that’s only going to go up, and quickly. 3 of the keywords that people found me with I added more content to the site to optimize further for those words. I did this because it’s a product -¬† a $400 product (it’s the collectors/top of the line addition+better steel knife of the same brand/type) – I had to make a new affiliate and sign up on ShareASale so I could have this product featured. Nice.

Before I added the extra content for this product I was ranking 30-40th position for the words¬† because I didn’t even think to try and optimize for them – Today I have 2 page one listings for similar searches (9th and 5th) so I should start to see some more traffic for these.

I have never really been an affiliate so I’m playing it all by ear, but it just seemed like the right thing to do – Go for the low hanging fruit first.

No sales yet as of the time of this writing – but my traffic has leveled out at 50 visits a day (heh, “leveled out” for the last 3 days) but that’s just the run-off from StumbleUpon mostly well, 1/3 of it anyway.

Wingnut on March 12th, 2010

Today was all about link building. Link building, linkbuilding, linkbuildinglinkbuilding.

This morning I still had not been indexed – bummer, right – So I the first thing I did was hit up the social media sites – Submitted to digg, mixx, reddit, ect, ect, ect, etc – Stumbled it and sent it to all my friends. Sure enough about an hour later – I’ve been crawled for the first time – HUZZAH!

The next thing I did was reach out to my network of friends and contacts to see if anyone ran related sites and would be interested in linking to me – After all, the site provides some great information. I got a few links that way – then I went to some related dofollow blogs and made comments – the regular stuff.

After that I did what I don’t often to anymore – submitted to a bunch of free directories that I like and have helped me in the past. Sure this doesn’t do as much good – I even submitted to dmoz! (I KNOW RIGHT?!) It will be 6 years before they let me in ;) - but it’s easy – and it can’t hurt.

I think tomorrow – and the coming weeks – will be more of the same and I may hold off on writing about it any further until I rank for my keywords and start seeing some REAL traffic.

Traffic since I put the site up and analytics running (by days)- 1 (that’s me!), 12 (that’s a couple of my friends and the Affiliate Managers), 34(Forum members), 89(mostly reddit/stumble people) – heh, lets hope this number keeps skyrocketing! I’m really excited to see when the first people are finding me through organic search/keywords.

Wingnut on March 11th, 2010

Following up yesterdays post about trying affiliate marketing for the first time – Here is where I am in the process.

I got the site built and set up on my hosting plan. I have the affiliate links running as well as tracking with Google analytics.

I decided to build the site in plain HTML instead of wordpress. In some ways it was nice to go back to the old ways… but I had fully forgotten how pain in the ass it is if you want to make changes to all of the pages. The site I built is small – Since we are following what Viperchill has laid out for us – but it has a lot of useful original content so we’ll see what happens.

Today I spent some time adding links to this new affiliate site from my other domains. The next step is to start hitting up some “survivalist” forums and getting it in there. To start getting this sucker ranked.

Might as well share with you all the site I’m building and give myself some link love. The product I picked was, as I said, the pocket knife I carry all the time the – Benchmade Griptilian – And that’s the link to the site I have built. When I get accepted to some other affiliate programs I’ll add them in that where to buy section as well.

I thought I would feel dirty being an affiliate… but when you are trying to sell something you actually really love – it’s pretty great!

Wingnut on March 10th, 2010

As I said in yesterdays post I am trying my hand at affiliate marketing by following the steps laid out by ViperChill.

The first step in his process is to write down what you are interested in. This was an easy enough step and I came up with the following list: Camping, Dancing, Dogs, Music, Guitars, BBQ, Beards and several others. But these were the ones that I wrote down first.

Step 2 is to see if there is a market for any of these things and, all but beards, has a lot of search. Great, now all we need to do is find a product.

As it turned out the first product that came to mind was a product that I was actually playing with while coming up with this list AND it related to camping – My pocket knife.

Next it was time to see if my particular brand of pocket knife was something people searched for – I bought it back in ’06 and it has been in my pocket every day since then, it’s not a multitool, but it has come in handy just about every day (even if I just use it to open letters and boxes).

Sure enough for the exact name/brand there are 22,000 searches a month – Checking to see the competition for my primary keyword I found that only about 150,000 pages even rank… Really not to many. Great. The clincher was that one of the secondary keywords (only the make of the knife) has 40,000 searches a month but only about 35,000 listings – Woah, this should be pretty easy to rank for (from my experience with SEO anything under 50,000 is doable with not too much work).

The next step was to find if there was a good affiliate program – turns out there are many (picking the right one is going to be the hard part)

So now I have a product that I really love and an exact match URL. Now it’s just time to make the site and try and rank for my words. Hopefully I can make and get the site up today.

Now, I’m probably not starting as small as laid out in Glen’s plan – but I do have a lot more experience with SEO and getting pages ranked than someone totally new to the game. So wish me luck!